Our daughter has 8+ years of dance education with the staff of Center Stage.  Each teacher is extremely qualified in technique and knowledge of the style of dance they teach.  One thing that has stood out over the years is that the teachers continue their dance education along with the students. The teachers truly care about each individual dancer.  They are not just teaching for a pay check, they each love what they do. As a parent, it is a wonderful feeling to know that our daughter has a place to go where she can feel free to be who she is, let her creativity take over and just be happy. 

Patrick and Erica Applegate

Ms. Lauren, Ms. Leah and Ms. Tara are compassionate, creative, energetic and dedicated dance teachers.  They create routines that my daughter enjoys to perform and are well versed in the latest techniques. Ms. Lauren is organized and is passionate about dance and her students.  

Beth Herdman

​Lauren is a skilled dance educator with a special gift for transforming the “underdogs” into confident, skilled dancers. She recognizes each student’s strengths and uses them as a building blocks. Her positive approach results in dancers that blossom in both confidence and technique. My daughters give their best when they are in the classroom with Lauren because they know she values their hard work and truly cares about them. ​


My daughter refers to Nancy as her “ballet soulmate”. Nancy is a gifted ballet instructor and is a kind, thoughtful teacher. Under her leadership, my daughter has blossomed in technique and her love of the genre. Even the dancers that don’t like ballet, look forward to her classes. Nancy can make ballet fun for anyone! She draws on her experience and expertise gained as a principal dancer, teacher, choreographer and artistic director of the National Ballet of Guatemala to expertly tailor her teaching approach to student needs. ​


Leah is renowned for her challenging, but super fun teaching style. Dancers appreciate that their hard work results in technical growth and physical strength. My daughters look forward to new signature moves, breakout dancing, and the variety in the course material. Her get it done attitude inspires dancers both individually and as a team to strive for technical excellence.


Tara is a quiet force. She uses her gifts of choreography and musicality to weave powerful stories that inspire dancers and audiences. Tara fosters an appetite in dancers to grow their technical skillset to tell harder and more complex stories. She creates a positive, inspirational environment in her classes.

Gabrielle Baker

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