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Move with Me

12 mo.–23 mo. with caregiver


Come join us to experience how dance and music can nurture early neural development while strengthening the bond with your little one!  Dance and music will be explored through free movement, song and sensory activities that will help to foster your child’s cognitive, emotional and physical health.  You will be amazed to see your child blossom and grow while socializing with others.


Creative Movement

2-3 years


Skipping, leaping, twirling and bouncing!  Your child will beam with joy as they move and explore like never before.  We will focus on gross motor, emotional and social development through dance, free movement, songs and fun.


Preschool Dance

3-5 years


Your child will have a blast exploring dance concepts while developing movement skills, coordination, balance and flexibility.  Basic ballet steps and vocabulary will be introduced in an exciting environment that encourages confidence and self-esteem.


Combo I, II & III (Ballet/Tap/Jazz)

4-5 years, 5-6 years & 6-7 years


You will be amazed to see your child shine as they learn elements of Ballet, Tap & Jazz all in one class!  We will focus on the development of basic skills, vocabulary and movement in a nurturing and dynamic atmosphere. 

Ballet & Pointe

4+ years


Classical ballet, free movement and character dance are taught progressively, each level adding on from the previous one to build a greater degree of dance technique.  Classes are taught based on the international Royal Academy of Dance syllabi by our certified instructors.  The program is scientifically based on the physical and cognitive development of the student, the exercises and dances are vibrant and challenging and the music is colorful and inspiring.  Pre-pointe and pointe work are offered at an advanced level based on teacher recommendation. 

Hip Hop

4+ years


This high energy class will emphasize musicality, performance, and dynamics of street dance while motivating students to maintain a positive classroom environment.  We will explore current styles of movement as seen on TV and music videos.



7+ years


Infusing technique from both contemporary and lyrical dance.  This class will emphasize strong technical foundation, exploration of movement, development of artistry and expression through lyrics to different styles of music.



7+ years


This high energy class is based on contemporary and historical American jazz dance with a focus on technique, isolations and performance quality.  Students will have fun using their own personality and attitude while executing stylish and relevant choreography.



7+ years


Watch your child ignite their passion for movement and musicality with tap class!  Students will develop strong tap sounds and coordination as well as a sense of rhythm, dynamics, style and timing.



3+ years


Classes are based on the progressive Acrobatic Arts syllabus and focus on safe and effective progressions providing proven results in flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling.  Small class size will allow for individualized attention for each student to develop at their own pace.  Through the levels of the program you will see your child progress from beginner level summersaults to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage!

Leaps & Turns

5+ years


Students will gain a better understanding of how to develop consistent, clear turns and powerful leaps and jump progressions.  A great class for those wanting to advance their skillset!


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