Recital Costume Payment


End-of-year Dance Recital costumes are to be paid in full by December 1, 2019. For dancers enrolled in multiple classes, families can opt to pay in 3 installments, paid on October 1, 2019, November 1, 2019, and December 1, 2019. Recital Costume Payment Plan forms are due September 18, 2019.  Costumes prices will be $60 or $70 per class based on the class age and level. Pointe class costumes may be more. Costumes will not be ordered without full payment. 

If the student will not be participating in the recital, a ‘Recital Withdrawal’ form must be completed and returned by November 23, 2019. Forms are available at the reception desk. If you have not submitted a ‘Recital Withdrawal’ form by November 23, 2019, you may be financially responsible for recital costs. A costume late fee of at least $20 will be incurred on all costumes ordered after January 1, 2020. 

The Recital participation cutoff date is March 1, 2020. Students may still register for classes after this date but will not be able to participate in Recital.