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Nancy Urla-Galindo 


Nancy Urla, RAD RTS was born and raised in Guatemala. She holds a teaching certification with the Royal Academy of Dance and a dance degree from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala.  She was a principal dancer, teacher, choreographer and Artistic Director of the National Ballet of Guatemala over a twenty-year time period.  During her time with the National Ballet of Guatemala, Miss Nancy was also a ballet instructor at Unidanza Ballet School for over twenty years.   She was a Practical Teaching Supervisor for the Royal Academy of Dance working with aspiring teachers.   Miss Nancy teaches Pre-Primary Ballet through Advanced 2 Vocational Ballet work in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.  As a part of the Continuing Professional Development program from the Royal Academy of Dance, Miss Nancy takes annual continuing education courses design to improve the teaching curriculum.   She is excited to share her joy of ballet with her students. 

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