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Maia Foley


Maia Foley is an artist, coach, and educator from Boston, MA. Currently based in Washington, DC, she graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in the spring of 2023 with her Bachelors of Music Performance (Percussion), as well as studies in Arts Leadership and Creative Writing. She began coaching gymnastics in 2018 and quickly fell in love with the sport and its athletes. After completing professional development and instructor certification through USA Gymnastics, Maia has since come to work with gymnasts of all ages, from babies to competitive teams. She is currently working to develop a gymnastics pedagogy that embraces self-efficacy and positive mental health outlooks through early performance education. Outside of coaching, Maia can also be found performing with local organizations, including Cultural DC and the Kennedy Center Family Theater, teaching art, writing, and theater, or exploring new outdoor spaces. She is currently training as a coach educator through the Positive Coaching Alliance, as well as completing her Masters of Science in Performance Psychology through Bangor University of Wales. 

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