Ray Thomas


Ray began her dance training at the age of three and upon introduction to street styles, her passion doubled, as she now specializes in body control, animation, contemporary, and krump. She has the foundation in most stage styles, yet her forte in hip hop has lead her to be apart of various crews over the years, and today, on CMI. Ray is currently a student in academics as well as dance. At the University of Maryland Global Campus, she pursues a Bachelors in Graphic Communications & Multimedia. With a passion for learning, she actively researches the science and design of light(/color). In dance, she studies closely under the teachings and guidance of Jaja Vankova as not only a mentor, but also a great friend. In 2018, she was initiated into a Krump fam by sessioning with DeadManValley, and later this same year, began her training on R.U.R. - Jaja’s international, exclusive creative artist production. Ray strives to unlock the confidence, character, and unique style inside each one of her students. Her teachings are based off her comprehensive life study of how to interpret sound. She is thrilled to share energy and knowledge at Center Stage Performing Arts this year.