Jessica O'Connell 

Jessica specialises in teaching hip-hop dance with over 20 years of training and experience. She has trained and taught in all styles of street dance including but not limited to house, waacking, breaking, popping, and urban choreography. Jessica has also had the honor to coach and choreograph for hip-hop teams both in the USA and Australia. In 2016, she pioneered a dance course at Hillsong International Leadership College which trained and assessed world class dancers in the history, techniques, and performance of hip-hop. Some of Jessica's highlights are: choreographing for Australian artist Sam J's music video, Australian Dance Festival, Hillsong Global Conferences, 

Creative Conference, winning AASCF dance group/duo competitions, and much more. Additionally, from 2016-2018 Jessica mentored a select group of choreographers for a global dance team where she taught weekly masterclasses to help them grow in their choreographic skills. Jessica is passionate about helping her students achieve their fullest potential and expanding their creativity. She thrives to enlarge her students’ skills and knowledge of dance as well as installing positive attitudes that will promote life skills beyond the dance studio.